Sometimes the best dishes are those you are prejudiced against. That is the case with this amazing bread dish. I found the recipe with not much more than the label ‘Dutch renaissance bread dish’ and had no expectations at all making it, ready to chuck the whole thing in the bin if thing turned out bad. Imagine my surprise when it proved a heavenly combination. Here’s the recipe.

Where to go

If you want to experience music in the same ambiance as did the French king Francis I visit the beautiful castle of Chambord this summer.  From the 1st  of July till the 16th  the annual festival of Chambord takes place. With a combination of renowned artists and upcoming talent one might enjoy a sweltering evening in what is the most beautiful renaissance castle according to many. With classical and contemporary pieces there is something to be found for everyone.

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There are plenty of reasons why one would shy away from reading a philosophical work like Utopia. One might find it to be difficult and time consuming, the topics might be irrelevant in today’s world and of course Wikipedia satisfies our main curiosity. So why would one want to read a 16th century trail of thought written up by some guy named Thomas whats his name?

First of all that guy is actually pretty interesting, not only because king Henry XIII chopped his head off on a charge of high treason, but more so because Thomas More took the risk to be critical again and again knowing this could cost him his life.